Your good friends at Puppet Friends Forever (puppets and humans alike) bring a lifetime of passion for puppetry and close to 20 years’ of performance experience. 


We can assure you that children and adults alike will enjoy our array of workshops, programs, and trainings.

Superhero Brush

Join Happy Tooth and Sad Tooth on an adventure where you’ll learn all about the importance of taking care of your teeth so you can have a bright and beautiful smile.


My Healthy Body

Follow tasty foods on a journey to learn why it’s important to stay active and think about what you eat.



“Red means stop, green means go, yellow means slow . . .” There’s so many rules in the world to keep you safe. Learn about them and how you can take care of yourself and others in this road trip adventure.

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The Magical Painting

Frida Khalo, Vincent van Gogh, Pablo Picasso . . . just some of the world’s greatest artists who were masters of colors and shapes. Learn all about them and other artists  in this magical and artistic adventure.


Earth and I

Planet Earth is our one and only home, but it needs our help! Learn how you can help keep our planet healthy and clean by Reusing, Reducing, and Recycling.


Around the World

Travel the world on this exciting and playful show that introduces the many countries, languages, animals, and music that are part of our diverse world.


The Friendship Flower

“Each of us is a flower, growing in life’s garden . . . .”

 Learn about the power of kindness, respect, and friendship in this story where we'll learn how  to be the best version of ourselves. 

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Festive Winter

Did you know that people all over the world celebrate the winter holidays? For some it's Christmas and for others it’s Hanukkah, but there’s also many more! Learn all about these winter holidays in this chilly and festive story.

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