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Birthday Celebration Workshops

Our puppet birthday workshops will bring fun and creativity to any celebration. Birthday workshops come with all materials and a facilitator to help your kid's and their friends create while having fun. 

My Buddy Puppet

Design and craft your very own professional 16-inch, full-body puppet complete with hands and animated mouth.


Then, learn how to animate and perform with your puppet using your imagination, creativity, and expression!

KOREN-3 (1)_edited.jpg

Best for: Teens and adults

90 Minutes

Donuts, Cupcakes, and Ice Cream!

Now, your favorite desserts are not just for eating, but for cuddling as well. 

Make a large felt pillow in the shape of a donut, cupcake or ice cream customized to your design!

IMG_4805 (1).JPG

Best for: Kids

45 mins - 1hr

Lil’ Monsters

Design our very own large fluffy pillow as either a monster, unicorn, or an original character for your imagination. 

You'll cut, stuff, and sew/glue your Lil' Monster pillow complete with a zipper!

KOREN-59 (1).jpg

Best for: Kids

45 mins - 1hr

Fuzzy Friend

Creating your very own Fuzzy Puppet  is fun and easy. All you have to do is cut, glue, press, and play!


In this 45-minute workshop designed especially for kids, we’ll go over how to create your very own Fuzzy Puppet Friend by using socks, cardboard, glue, fur, feathers and other assorted materials.


Best for: Kids, Birthday Parties, Educators, Special Events


Cat on the Wall

Make a delightful hanging cat decoration using dowels, string, and your own fuzzy cat creations. 

Customize the colors and designs to your own tastes and see how neat and easy it is to make this for you or someone special. 


Best for: Kids

45 mins - 1hr

Special requests

We take special requests


Best for: Kids

45 mins - 1hr

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