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About Us

Puppet Friend Forever presents educationally enriching puppet shows and workshops for all ages. Our programs focus on lifelong learning with topics that include personal health and safety, environmentalism, multiculturalism, and interpersonal relationships.


Our mission is to start conversations with young audiences about complex or personal issues and to create a safe, creative space where they feel empowered to ask questions, explore topics, and become educated all while exercising their imaginative skills.

Research shows that the art of Puppetry can have immense benefits when used to engage kids in developing their emotions, communication, critical thinking, and hand-eye coordination skills. Not to mention the incredible use of creativity, storytelling and imaginative power it requires. 


Plus, Puppets are fun and easy to make and make long-lasting friends.



“Really great educational show for kids. Very cheerful and interactive, bringing day to day topics and themes in a very kids friendly way, helping children to learn by fostering their curiosity and discovery skills.”

- Danny L.

“I loved my experience with Puppet Friend Forever. They came out to my classroom and performed a puppet show on eating healthy and good hygiene.  They had a great mix of activities for my young five year old class.  They captivated their attention with the puppet show and mixed it up so that the children could move and do hand on activities to follow up with the show.  This was a class favorite for sure!”

- Dawn V.

“It was a  pleasure having Puppet Friend Forever visit the Nutrition, Health and Safety for Young Children course I teach at San Jose City College. They presented to the adult-students, who are teachers or teachers-to-be. They succeeded in keeping the audience engaged and interested the entire time.  The performance and the content were age appropriated (preschool age), rich, professional, and fun.  I definitely recommend inviting them to present any of their performances.”

- Judith Z.

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