Our puppet workshops focus on the craft and design of professional-grade puppets.

There’s no limit to what your imagination can create.

My Buddy Puppet

Design and craft your very own professional 16-inch, full-body puppet complete with hands and animated mouth.


Then, learn how to animate and perform with your puppet using your imagination, creativity, and expression!

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Best for: Teens and adults

90 Minutes

Lil’ Monsters

Design our very own large fluffy pillow as either a monster, unicorn, or an original character for your imagination. 

You'll cut, stuff, and sew/glue your Lil' Monster pillow complete with a zipper!

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Best for: Kids and Teens

45 mins - 1hr

Fuzzy Friend

Creating your very own Fuzzy Puppet  is fun and easy. All you have to do is cut, glue, press, and play!


In this 45-minute workshop designed especially for kids, we’ll go over how to create your very own Fuzzy Puppet Friend by using socks, cardboard, glue, fur, feathers and other assorted materials.

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Best for: Kids, Birthday Parties, Educators, Special Events


Funny Bunny

Are you a fun of bunnies? Design and create a professional-grade 16-inch bunny puppet with articulated mouths and hands!

You can customize your Funny Bunny with accessories, pockets, and much more!


Best for: Teens and Adults

1 Hour